We are one of the leading brownstone restoration specialists in New York City.

Innovation Construction NY Inc. is a family owned business that takes pride in the reputation we have built through quality and reliable services. Our company, located in Brooklyn, New York was established in 1995, from a simple concave office, Innovation has now grown into multiple braches and locations. We have gained recognition in the Brooklyn arena in the following locations: Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Windsor Terrace, Fort Greene, and Downtown Brooklyn.

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New York City

Landmark Preservation Contractor

We designed to help the owners of rowhouses in New York City’s historic districts preserve and maintain their remarkable homes and work successfully with the Landmarks Preservation Commission when exterior alterations are needed. We have been following the guide and working for over a decade with the commission. We believe our clients should know all the ins and outs of the work they are doing to get the best quality work done.


Our Team is very Experienced and with our Extensive Portfolio you can be assured of quality work.


Innovation Construction NY Inc. is specialized in restoring historical brownstones, we restore the glory and beauty in both ways. All types of Landmarks Preservation building Repair/Restoration.

Brownstone Façade & Stoop Restoration

Innovation Construction NY Inc. does all types of landmark preservation building repair/restoration.

Brick Pointing

Repointing is the process of renewing the ‘pointing, which is the external part of mortar joints, in masonry construction. Innovation Construction NY Inc. has the right team to tackle any type of pointing job.

Masonry/Concrete Work

Masonry is the building of structures from individual units, which are often laid in and bound together by mortar. Innovation Construction has the proper formula to get a long lasting concrete bond.

Cornice Repair & Paint

The skilled artisans meticulously repaired and restored the damaged cornice, carefully preserving its architectural integrity before applying a fresh coat of paint, breathing new life into the building’s facade.

Fire Escape Repair & Painting

Through meticulous fire escape repair and a fresh coat of paint, the once-worn emergency exit system regained its safety standards and visual appeal.

Bluestone Installation

Our expert masons meticulously install each bluestone slab, carefully aligning them to create a seamless and visually striking patio surface that exuded elegance and durability.

Exterior Painting

Our skilled painters meticulously prepare and prime the surfaces, expertly applying layers of high-quality exterior paint, resulting in a fresh and vibrant finish.

Innovation Construction is one of the leading brownstone contractors in the New York City Region.

Our Process

Assessment and Planning

Begin by assessing the condition of the brownstone and identifying areas that require restoration or repair. This step involves a thorough inspection of the exterior, including the façade, windows, doors, roof, and any decorative elements. Develop a detailed plan that outlines the scope of work and the specific restoration goals.

Facade Restoration

Focus on restoring the exterior façade of the brownstone. This step may include cleaning and repairing the masonry, repointing the mortar joint, replacing damaged bricks or stones, restoring or something replicating decorative elements, and restoring the original color scheme. It’s important to use appropriate materials and techniques to maintain the historical integrity of the brownstone.

Research & Documentation

Conduct extensive research on the historical background of the brownstone to understand its original design, architectural style, and materials used. Gather relevant documentation. Including old photographs, blueprints. And historical records. This information will guide the restoration process and help maintain the authenticity of the brownstone.

Finishing Touches

Nce the restoration work is complete, focus on the finishing touches to bring the brownstone back to its former glory. This may involve painting or refinishing surfaces, installing appropriate lighting fixtures, and landscaping the surrounding areas.

Structurl Repairs

Address any structural issues that may compromise the integrity of the brownstone. This may involve repainting or reinforcing the foundation, repainting cracks or setting issues, and ensuring stability and safety. Structural repairs should be conducted by qualified professionals with expertise in historic buildings.

Final Inspection & Cleanup

Finally, we will conduct a final inspection of the renovation and project to ensure that everything meets building codes and regulations. They will then clean up the work site and remove any debris or equipment used during the renovation.

  1. Brick Facade & Brownstone Restoration Prospect Heights Brooklyn NY
  2. Brownstone Restoration Brooklyn
  3. Brownstone Stoop Restoration Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn NY
  4. Brownstone Finish Coat , Stoop Restoration Brooklyn NY
  5. Brownstone Facade & Stoop Restoration
  6. Brownstone Facade Repair & Paints
  7. Limestone Stoop Restoration Harlem Manhattan
  8. Rear Brick Wall Repair & Pointing
  9. Rear Brick Wall Repair & Pointing
  10. Brownstone Stoop Restoration Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn
  11. Cornice Painting Part 2
  12. Cornice Scraping Part 1
  13. Brick Pointing Brooklyn NY
  14. Brownstone Restoration Brooklyn NY
  15. Brownstone Facade Renovation Harlem Manhattan
  16. Brownstone Facade Restoration (Innovation Construction NY)
  17. Exterior Cornice Painting
  18. Restoration of Brownstone Stoop
  19. Brownstone Cement Hand Carving
  20. Landmark Stoop Restoration
  21. Brick Pointing BROOKLYN
  22. Harlem Brownstone Restoration
  23. Exterior Facade Painting
  24. Brownstone Facade & Stoop Restoration
  25. Brownstone Stoop Restoration
  26. Trash can Enclosure (Innovation Construction NY)
  27. Brick Grinding & Repointing Windsor Terrace (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  28. Landmark Stoop Restoration Caroll Gardens( Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  29. Stoop Restoration (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  30. Brownstone Stoop Structural Repair (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  31. Parapet Wall Rebuild
  32. Stoop Restoration (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  33. Brick Steps Pointing (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  34. Brownstone Facade Restoration (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  35. Limestone Stoop Restoration (Innovation Construction NY)
  36. Waterproofing and Brick Pointing( Innovation Construction NY Inc.)
  37. Exterior Wall Thorocoat Application (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  38. Brownstone Facade and Stoop Restoration (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  39. Exterior Facade Painting (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  40. Landmark Brownstone Restoration (innovation Construction Ny Inc)
  41. Limestone Stoop Restoration (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  42. Exterior House Painting (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  43. Stoop Resurface and Paint (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  44. Waterprooofing Exterior Walls (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  45. Power washing Limestone (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  46. Waterproofing Coating Thorocoat (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  47. Removing Historic Mortar Joints From Brick Facade (Innovation Construction)
  48. Brownstone Stoop Renovation (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  49. Brownstone Facade & Stoop Restoration (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  50. Fireescape Painting Contractors Manhattan NY (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  51. Waterproofing Thorocoat Application Rear Wall (Innovation Construction Ny Inc)
  52. Waterproofing Thorocoat Application (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  53. Brick Re-pointing Brooklyn N.Y (innovation Construction NY Inc)
  54. Brick Repointing Harlem Manhattan New York (innovation Construction NY Inc)
  55. Brick Repointing Brooklyn New York (innovation Comstruction NY Inc)
  56. Brick Cleaning & Repointing in Brooklyn N.Y(Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  57. Bluestone Installation Contractor Brooklyn (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  58. Brownstone Restoration (Innovation Construction NY Inc.)
  59. Stucco Contractor Brooklyn N.Y (Innovation Construction NY Inc.)
  60. Brick Restoration & Pointing- Innovation Construction NY Inc.
  61. Brownstone Stoop Restoration in Park-Slope Brooklyn- Innovation Construction NY Inc.
  62. Brownstone Facade Restoration Brooklyn (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  63. Exterior Window Repainting- Innovation Construction NY Inc.
  64. Stoop Repair Brooklyn New York (Innovation Construction NY Inc.)
  65. Waterproofing Contractor Brooklyn New York (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  66. Brownstone Stoop Restoration Manhattan (Innovation Construction NY Inc.)
  67. Exterior Painting Contractor Brooklyn (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  68. Innovation Construction NY Inc.(Rear Wall Waterproofing)
  69. Innovation Construction NY Inc. ( Rear Wall Repair & Thorocoat
  70. Innovation Construction Co- Retaining Wall Reconstruction
  71. Brownstone Stoop Restoration In Boerum Hill Brooklyn New York (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  72. Exterior Brownstone Stoop Painting & Repairing (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  73. Exterior Sidewall Painting Brooklyn NY (innovation Construction NY Inc)
  74. Innovation Construction NY Inc- Restoring Fireplace Marble Mantel
  75. Innovation Construction NY Inc- Roofing in Bedford- Stuyvesant Brooklyn N.Y
  76. Exterior Brownstone & Stoop Repair ( Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  77. Bathroom Remodeling Brooklyn New York (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  78. Brick Facade Preservation & Restoration (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  79. Painting WIndow Shutter- Innovation Construction NY Inc
  80. Exterior Cornice Painting- (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  81. Fire-escape Scrape & Painting Part 2-Innovation Construction Co.
  82. Sidewalk Replacement-Innovation Construction Co.
  83. Rear Fire-escape Painting- Innovation Construction N.Y
  84. Brownstone Facade Restoration Midtown New York- Innnovation Construction Co.
  85. Fire Escape Scrape and Paint Part 1 (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  86. Innovation Constructon Co- Browstone Stoop Restoration Brooklyn N.Y
  87. Historic Brick Pointing Rear Wall- Innovation Construction Co.
  88. Brownstone Stoop Restoration In Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn NY
  89. Exterior Brownstone Facade Painting -Innovation Construction Co.
  90. Limestone Stoop Restoration in Windsor Terrace Brooklyn- Innovation Construction Co.
  91. Metal Cornice Painting - Innovation Construction Co.
  92. Concrete Walkway Replacement- Innovation Construction Co. Part 2
  93. Concrete Walkway Demolition And Replacement- Innovation Construction Co. Part 1
  94. Waterproofing- Innovation Construction Co.
  95. Fire Escape Painting- Innovation Construction Co.
  96. Bluestone Replacement- Innovation Construction Co.
  97. Innovation Construction- Exterior Waterproofing Thro-coat Application
  98. Fire Escape Painting- Innovation Construction Co
  99. Limestone Stoop Restoration in Windsor Terrace Part 1- Innovation Construction Co.
  100. Browstone Stoop & Lower Facade Wall Restoration (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  101. Innovation Construction Co - Exterior Cornice Painting Brooklyn N.Y
  102. Innovation Construction- Brick Work in Brooklyn
  103. Brownstone Facade Restoration in New York- Innovation Construction N.Y
  104. Exterior Cornice Painting In Brooklyn NY- Innovation Construction Co.
  105. Bluestone Installation In Brooklyn New York -Innovation Construction Co.
  106. Exterior Storefront Painting Broooklyn New York - Innovation Construction Co.
  107. Firee-scape Scrape & Painting In Tribeca West Historic District
  108. Brownstone Stoop Restoration in Chelsea Historic District
  109. Innovation Construction- Exterior Cornice Painting in Prospect Lefferts Garden
  110. Innovation Construction- Paving Stones Installation in Harlem Manhattan N.Y
  111. Innovation Construction- Limestone Stoop Restoration In Cobble Hill Brooklyn N.Y
  112. Innovation Construction- Waterproofing In Bayridge Brooklyn New York
  113. Innovation Construction- Fence installation in parkslope brooklyn
  114. Innovation Construction- Brick Work in Parkslope Brooklyn
  115. Bluestone Installation on President St Brooklyn N.Y- Innovation Construction
  116. Innovation Construction- Side wall Stucco/Waterproofing
  117. Innovation Construction- Front Building Fire-escape Painting.
  118. IInnovation Construction- Firestone Rubber Roofing Torch Applied
  119. Innovation Construction- Brownstone Stoop Repair/Restoration
  120. Innovation Construction- Installing 13ft. Diameter circle Paving Stones
  121. Innovation Construction-Brownstone Decorative Details Restoration
  122. Innovation Construction -Brownstone Facade Painting
  123. Blue-stone Installation- Innovation Construction
  124. Exterior Painting- Innovation Construction
  125. Brownstone Stoop Restoration (Innovation Construction NY Inc.)
  126. Innovation Construction - Cornice Repair/Painting
  127. Innovation Construction- Brownstone Stoop Restoration
  128. Innovation Construction-Exterior Facade Painting
  129. Innovation Construction- Rear Wall Waterproofing Thoro-Coat
  130. Innovation Construction- Commercial Space Tiling
  131. Innovation Construction- Cornice Painting/Window Cladding Replacement
  132. Innovation Construction-Brick Replacement/Lintel Replacement
  133. Innovation Construction- Bluestone Installation
  134. Innovation Construction- Cornice Painting
  135. Brownstone Stoop Resurfacing (Innovation Construction NY Inc)
  136. Innovation Construction -Waterproofing Thorocoat
  137. Innovation Construction-Brownstone facade work
  138. Innovation Construction -Brownstone Facade Chipping
  139. Innovation Construction- Brownstone Detail Work
  140. Innovation Construction-Alluminium Silver Coating
  141. Innovation Construction-Throcoat
  142. Innovation Construction-Brownstone Stoops Restoration
  143. Innovation Construction-Brownstone Stoops Restoration





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